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What Doctors Don't Tell You : Helping you make better health choices

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www.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention : HPV vaccine info

www.Child Health Safety : HPV vaccine safety info : A victim of Gardasil tells her story

www.The Greater Good Movie : Doctors and Scientists with concerns about vaccines : A recent study of the disease rates of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children :Dr Andrew Wakefield responds to Wales measles outbreak 2013

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Recommended books

"An Informed Decision" Dr. Christina Head
"Comparing Natural Immunity with Vaccination" Trevor Gunn
"Family Guide to Homeopathy" Dr. A. Lockie
"Homeopathy For Children" G Pinto/M. Feldman
"Homeopathy, Immunity and Infectious Diseases" S. Curtis
"Dispelling Vaccination Myths" A. Phillips
"Understanding MMR" W. & L. Sussman
"Comparing Natural Immunity with Vaccination" T. Gunn
"No Nonsense Vaccine Handbook" L. B. Jone

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