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There have been two great revelations in my life. The first one was bebop, the second was homeopathy" ~ Dizzy Gillespie

What My Clients Say...

Please note that the statements below reflect personal experiences of my clients. and in no way should they discourage you from seeking conventional medical treatment.

" I have been a client of Malgosia's for 7 years, and have achieved really great results both physically and emotionally. I have complete trust in Malgosia's advice, so much so that even though I moved to Kent, I continue to come back to her clinic at Parsons Green.

Some of the key items Malgosia has helped me with include: managing anxiety, managing adrenal fatigue, working through the emotional causes of repeated chest infections, conceiving two wonderful daughters, having two smooth and straight forward pregnancies and subsequent deliveries. My two daughters now also take remedies prescribed by Malgosia.

I have really benefited Malgosia's advice, and would recommend her to anyone looking to make changes in their lives.
"I have seen several homeopaths over the years, and wasn’t really convinced it was effective until I met Malgosia. She has a unique intuition combined with years of experience, and a laser focused analytical approach tailored to each of her patients, which helps get to the bottom of any illness. She was able to help with the symptoms of my daughter’s eczema. I also feel like I am more equipped now to deal with the cold/flu season for the whole family without automatically resorting to antibiotics or other strong medication.”

"I have been a patient of Malgosia’s for several years now for a variety of reasons. She has helped me with phobias such as fear of flying and public speaking, as well as supporting me emotionally through fertility treatments, pregnancy and post partum. I highly recommend Malgosia as she really listens and gets to the core of the problem. My baby daughter has been a patient since 2 weeks old! Malgosia has helped to strengthen her immune system and she has only had one brief cold in 11 months"

"Our family, which includes myself, my husband and our three children, have been visiting Malgosia for over 3 years. She was recommended by friends and we have since recommended her to many more friends. Malgosia has helped with a huge varieties of concerns in our family including broken teeth becoming infected, glue ear, behavioural issues, recovering from chronic tonsilitus and months of antibiotics, skin problems, hay fever and many, many more. She has taken time to get to know each child’s personality even without them being present and has given remedies to help with anything they might need. Since meeting Malgosia, I think I’m right in saying that one child has only had to take one course of antibiotics due to an eight hour flight coinciding with an ear infection and no time for any other course of action. We love our visits to her and every time something different comes up which is always aided. As a mother I leave feeling incredibly confident that my family are doing the right thing for their bodies"

"My 4 year old son has suffered from serious excema since he was 1 year old. He was on all sort of steroid medication for the first 2 years, which I was very unforgettable with giving him particularly at such a young age. After meeting Malgosia, she has place Theo on her special remedies for his excess and adenoid problem, and we haven’t looked back. His skin looks amazing, and he doesn’t itch any where nearly like he used too. So relieved and we are certain that that this excess will clear up very soon."

"Homeopathy with Malgosia has helped me in ways that I didn't even know were possible. I am less anxious, my confidence has increased and I am generally much happier and stronger both physically and emotionally. My physical symptoms have improved and my bowel movement is more regular."

“Homeopathy has helped me enormously with pregnancy side effects like back pain, anxiety during the night and insomnia, heartburn and haemorrhoids. It also helped balance my sugar cravings - which were making me suffer from recurring thrush. On another note, I was very please with the effect homeopathy remedies had on my inner confidence and my ability to express my feelings and communicate with others. It helped me feel secure and confident. Thank you Malgosia!!”

" Malgosia is a true joy to deal with, attentive, compassionate and supportive even outside consultations. I'm constantly amazed that such a gentle, non-invasive treatment can have such powerful effects and would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

"Homeopathy has certainly worked for me! I used to suffer from debilitating attacks of fear and anxiety which prevented me from functioning on a daily basis. I simply could not cope with life!! The remedies given to me by Malgosia have helped me to feel calmer and can now cope with my daily stuff!"

"At the age of 34 I never expected to get pregnant so quickly. I feel I owe a lot to homeopathy with Malgosia for preparing me so well. Now I have a beautiful 12 week old baby who’s contentment and good health I am sure has much to do with the homeopathic support she has received.”

" I used to suffer from hay fever for years. Going anywhere near grass pollen would mean loads of sneezing, watery and light sensitive eyes and a burning discharge streaming down from my nose! I had to avoid going out into parks and wooded areas pretty much between April and August every year. I then decided to try homeopathy. I started my treatment in winter when Malgosia gave me some remedies to build up my overall resistance to allergens. During following spring I was taking remedies to alleviate some of my immediate acute hay fever symptoms. I then went back to my hay fever prevention remedies in winter only to find that I was free of my usual symptoms when spring arrived! I now occassionally take some remedies when the pollen count is high, but I am pretty much free of the symptoms I used to suffer from for years."

"I was first recommended to see Malgosia in 2008. I had suffered from endometriosis since being diagnosed aged 23. I had been on the pill since then to control my symptoms and after 10 years I wanted to try a more natural approach. Malgosia has been helping me since this time to alleviate my symptoms through homeopathy. I had always hoped to have a family at some point, but I was warned when I was initially diagnosed, that I might have difficulty falling pregnant, especially as I got older. But last September, aged 37, I was delighted to discover I was pregnant. Malgosia continued to support me with homeopathy and supplements through the pregnancy and my beautiful daughter, Lily, was born 4 months ago. I truly feel that without Malgosia's help, Lily wouldn't be here today and I will always be extremely grateful."

“ Malgosia’s approach is professional and highly sensitive. Her homeopathic treatment is obviously very effective as well, since I am now in the 7th month of pregnancy, having previously tried to conceive for nearly 3 years!”

“I can highly recommend homeopathy with Malgosia to anyone trying to get pregnant. Me and my husband followed her homeopathic treatment plan for four months and we are now the happy parents of our 3 months old Timmy”

"Homeopathy made my life as a mum so much easier!!!! Dylan's colic disappeared, sleeping pattern improved, teething process was made bearable and quicker, homeopathic detox after vaccinations meant that Dylan's behaviour did not become grumpy etc, immune booster drops which I still give him means he has not developed a cold in the last 6 - 7 months! Have to say I have recommended Homeopathy to every mum I have met!"

"Having always believed in alternative/complementary therapies, I had somehow avoided homeopathy until a few years ago when I had the good fortune of meeting Malgosia. Homeopathy is now always my first port of call as its efficacy has seen me through too many physical conditions to list here. I have found it especially helpful also during difficult emotional times such as bereavement and I have also used it effectively to aid my spiritual search for truth and self-awareness. It appears to be a gentle treatment but is really very potent and powerful and I know I will be using homeopathy for the rest of my life!"

"I would not be exaggerating by saying that homeopathy with Malgosia over past few years has been a life source for me. Under considerable stress and strain, I have relied on her support for both myself and son. My five year old boy with special needs suffers from multiple conditions that have ranged from chest infections, asthma, croup to skin irritations and horrendous episodes of night terrors. Malgosia has carried us through and at each stage managed to prescribe remedies that have at times literally transformed his condition over-night."

“I was diagnosed with a polycystic ovary syndrome when I was in my twenties and my left ovary was removed three years later. A huge cyst was identified on the right ovary a few months afterwards and the doctors recommended that it is removed as well. I started homeopathic treatment with Malgosia and the cyst reduced in size and consequently disappeared. It is fantastic!” Female 36

“I have benefited both directly and indirectly from Malgosia's skilled and sensitive approach to homeopathic therapy. Having suffered from disturbed sleep patterns and a persistent dry cough for about 5 months I had seen my GP who basically admitted that he couldn't help. Following a couple of homeopathic consultations and follow up homeopathic advice and treatments, the cough was 'cured' and I returned to normal sleep patterns. Indirectly I have benefited from Malgosia's assistance in homeopathically treating my daughter's gynaecological problem that had resulted in several traumatic visits to A&E over a period of about 6 months. It is now 7-8 months since Malgosia provided homeopathic diagnosis and treatment and there has been no further recurrence of the problem” Male 44

“I used to suffer from chronic bronchitis throughout my 60s and early 70s. Every winter I would be ill with flu. Thanks to homeopathic remedies that I received from Malgosia I have not been ill for three years now! I do not get flu every winter any longer and in general I feel much more energetic than I used to.” Female 75

“I was on a contraceptive pill for a year and when I came off it my periods were very irregular. I wanted to get pregnant so I decided to try homeopathy. Malgosia gave me some remedies and a few months later my periods came back to normal. I am trying for a baby now and I am sure I will conceive soon.” Female 27

“My 3 years old daughter used to get ill quite frequently. After taking Malgosia’s remedies for about a year she stopped getting chesty coughs and has not had ear aches for a long time. I think her immune system has been boosted with all the treatment she has received. I now treat her only with homeopathy” The mother of the 3 year old

“I have used homeopathy for a year now to treat various illnesses such as colds, coughs, flu and cystitis. I have noticed that I have become stronger and more energetic physically and I do not get ill as often as before. I always find Malgosia’s remedies effective and quick acting” Female 27

“I pulled a ligament in my right foot early in 2004. Eight months later, despite following a regime of frozen peas and ibruprofen rub, it was. Following a consultation with Malgosia, I took some homeopathic remedies for a fortnight. Within a week the pain was greatly reduced, and within the fortnight I was free from pain” Female 30

“I used to suffer from extremely bad hay fever between April and July. My eyes were streaming, I would sneeze and have a heavy asthmatic cough. After two years of treatment I am totally free from my previous symptoms and can enjoy the summer months. Also my athlete’s foot has disappeared following Malgosia’s treatment. Homeopathy is truly amazing!” Male 43

“I was using alternative medicine for many years but then I found homeopathy which is very effective and has no side effects! Thank you Malgosia” Female 56

“I had sciatica pains that were very debilitating. I could neither walk nor sit without pain. Malgosia’s homeopathic treatment cured all those symptoms! I did not need to take any conventional drugs.” Male 42

"Homeopathic remedies given to me by Malgosia have helped me in different situations in my life. Physical and emotional complaints brought on by excessive work and associated stress were alleviated by carefully assembled combinations of remedies. Similarly strained mussels after broken rib healed quicker with the help of homeopathy. Sometimes it took a while for the treatment to complete its course, but I always waited patiently till the symptoms cleared.” Female 45

" Further to my husband's death I suffered from extreme anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks. I was taking some drugs which did not alleviate my symptoms. I saw Malgosia a few months ago and she prescribed some homeopathic remedies. My symptoms have gradually decreased, my heart palpitations disappeared, I sleep much better and I am much more at peace with myself". Female 65

"My little baby daughter had suffered from colic for a few weeks before I brought her to see Malgosia. Homeopathic remedies have alleviated her pains and she is now much happier, she feeds well and sleeps calmly at night" 6 months old Allena & her mother

" I used to suffer from nausea during pregnancy. I simply could not bear the smell of food and would be violently ill for many hours in the mornings. Malgosia gave me some homeopathic remedies and they worked very quickly. My morning sickness disappeared and I could function again!" Female 28

" As a result of bullying at school my 12 years old daughter started to lose her confidence. She became withdrawn, sad and often quite angry. She lost all interest in doing her homework and became afraid of going to school. I took her to see Malgosia who gave her some homeopathic drops. The remedies have obviously helped as after only 2 weeks of taking them my daughter appears to be more self assured, less sad and more open about her feelings. She has talked to her school mates about her situation and is not so afraid of going to school in the mornings." 12 year old girl and her mother

I got some food poisoning and my stomach was terribly upset. Homeopathic remedies quickly soothed my bowels, I stopped vomiting and started eating better. I felt improvement within 5 hours of taking the remedies!" Female 65

Feel free to contact me on 07891 013181 or 020 88779290 with no obligation to find out how London Homeopathy can help you. I offer homeopathic treatment in Parsons Green near Fulham in South West London, close to Putney and South Kensington.

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