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Homeopathy has the potential to bring your body and mind to balance

About me. Malgosia-Zamolska-Settles

About Me

I came into contact with homeopathy when I became ill with shingles, and was amazed how quickly the homeopathic remedies helped me to restore my energy levels and regain my emotional balance. As a result of this experience I decided to become a homeopath myself.
I completed my training at the Lakeland College of Homeopathy, and am registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.

As an alternative medicine practitioner I believe in an integrated approach to healthcare – one which recognises the importance of addressing the mental, emotional and physical facets of ourselves, all of which are interconnected. I facilitate people’s own healing journeys, to help them overcome the emotional and physical blocks to fulfilling their potential as individuals.

I believe that homeopathy is one of the most profound and deepest reaching alternative therapies, capable of shifting blocks ranging from inherited predispositions, to environmental or dietary toxicity acquired through the course of our lives. As a practitioner I am deeply committed to being the facilitator of such a profound healing process.

Specialising in hormonal disorders & fertility

As a London homeopath I run a general clinic helping adults and children of all ages but my area of interest are hormonal disorders and infertility issues. I help women suffering from irregular periods, burn out or fatigue. I also provide them with homeopathic support in case of emotional blocks, which can all lead to infertility and problems conceiving.

I am a member of the Natural Natal Centre, a fertility and pregnancy clinic specialising in comprehensive and integrated packages for preconception, pregnancy and post natal care. I am also an accredited therapist for the Foresight Association, which is a nationwide organisation offering specialist services for people wishing to conceive.

I support my patients with additional advice on preconception health care based the Foresight Association model, which aims to eliminate health issues that have been proven by researchers to lead to infertility.

Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak I was based at the Fulham Osteopathic Clinic offering Homeopathy as a face to face service. During lockdown I moved my practice online and found that most clients prefer the flexibility this offers. I am still informally associated with the Fulham Osteopathic Clinic where I worked for several years, but I am now working with my private homeopathy clients almost exclusively online.

Feel free to contact me on 07891 013181 or 020 88779290 with no obligation to find out how London Homeopathy can help you.

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